Peter Trundle

Manager (Physics, Warwick)

On attending my first interview with Rees Pollock, I was fully expecting to be bombarded with the standard range of competency based questions. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were far more interested in actually getting to know me as a person. This initial impression of valuing the individual has stuck with me throughout my time at the firm.

Support comes from all levels – from trainees, right up to the partners. This certainly helps in your development as a professional and as a result you find yourself taking on a great deal more responsibility early on.

Rees Pollock works with clients from restaurant chains and travel operators to hedge fund managers and pension funds, and the range provides valuable insights into how different businesses operate.

In terms of ‘extracurricular activities’, a variety of events are organised throughout the year, including bowling, rounders and the occasional ski trip, but perhaps more importantly you can always rely on there being a strong turnout at the pub on a Friday evening, which is a fair reflection of the overall culture of the firm.