Ross Guthrie


After four years of being a teacher I decided that I wanted to change careers. I had three requirements: challenging work, opportunity to study for a professional qualification and a friendly work environment. It is fair to say that Rees Pollock was the perfect fit.

From the very beginning I was meeting clients and contributing to various elements of the audit process. All of the seniors and managers at Rees Pollock are approachable and happy to support and guide you through any problems that arise – there really are no stupid questions! As our client base is varied and our audits are relatively short, within the first few months I have already worked on jobs across numerous industries – from finance to high-street restaurant franchises to luxury jewellers. This exposure has helped put into practice the concepts that I have been learning for my qualification. Although the thought of more exams is daunting, Rees Pollock provides ample study leave and hosts regular celebratory drinks.

What sets Rees Pollock apart is the ethos and culture of the firm. The interview process is focused on getting to know you as a person and giving you a chance to highlight your skills and qualities. Integrating into the Rees Pollock team is seamless due to the numerous social events that are organised: end-of-month drinks, sports day, student nights and many more. The friendly atmosphere in the office allows you to excel at your job whilst enjoying plentiful cups of tea and coffee – at Rees Pollock each employee is truly valued as an individual.