Training and development

We know that training is one of the most important criteria when choosing an employer. We believe the package we offer provides excellent all-round experience and ensures you have the best chance of passing your exams.

Key elements of our training

Professional examinations

We use BPP as tutors for your Institute of Chartered Accountants exams. They are the tutors used by a number of the major firms. Our pass rates are excellent and several of our students have won regional and national prizes.

Internal training

You will attend additional training courses on topics including auditing and general business skills, which are aimed at improving your overall commercial awareness. We run some of these in-house, and also send students on external courses.

On-the-job training

You will work for clients that are typically at a stage of development that really gives you exposure as to why a business works (or doesn’t). You will also work with very high calibre staff who give guidance and feedback as each job progresses.


We encourage our newly qualified staff to take the Institute of Taxation examinations to enhance their knowledge, as tax can have a significant impact on most business transactions.