Audit and Assurance

We believe that a well-executed audit is a valuable test of the strength of your company’s financial reporting systems – and that an experienced outsider can provide useful insights.

However, we also understand that our clients require a robust, independent and efficient audit that identifies any issues they need to consider, but which doesn’t waste their time on trivial points.

Because of our size, all of our audits receive a high level of partner involvement. We are responsive and flexible – able to move quickly when our clients have tight deadlines or their requirements change. We also avoid standardised work programmes and checklists that are often irrelevant and waste client time.

All of our audit staff also perform tax work, which enables us to provide a seamless tax compliance service alongside our audit work.

What can we do for you?

  • Statutory audits of companies and LLPs
  • Accounts preparation and accounting support
  • Solicitors’ accounts rules reporting
  • Charity audits and independent examinations
  • Pension scheme audits
  • Systems and controls reviews