We bring together business and accounting knowledge to arrive at a valuation that all parties agree is fair.

Our tax team regularly negotiates share valuations with HMRC for EMI schemes on behalf of our clients, and we have an excellent track record in this area. We also prepare business valuations for calculating tax deductible goodwill on incorporations and acquisitions.

Our experience and perspective allows us to provide independent valuations on behalf of clients buying or selling unlisted shares, as well as valuing specific business assets where a business is being broken up or spun out of a larger entity.

Our team provides support where valuations of assets such as intangibles or share options are required for inclusion in the statutory accounts. We’ve been instructed by a number of clients whose Big Four auditors were barred by independence rules from doing this work and who were looking for a robust, cost-effective approach that could pass an audit from these firms’ technical valuation teams.

What can we do for you?

  • Share valuations at market value
  • Valuations in line with HMRC requirements for tax purposes
  • Unquoted company and goodwill valuations
  • Intangible valuations under IFRS, for inclusion in statutory accounts
  • Options valuations
  • Valuations of other business assets